Puppy Mill Awareness Day 9/22/19
10 AM to 3 PM, Buchanan Park, 901 Buchanan Avenue, Lancaster, Pa

Sunday 9/18/16 10 - 3 PM Buchanan PArk, Buchanan & Race St. Lancaster, PA

Your voice can make a difference for the Puppy Mill Dogs.  Please join us.  Click on the picture and download our flyer

Rescues and Vendors please join us by clicking the buttons above, as we partner with Leo's Helping Paws for the biggest, best PMAD ever.  

Please consider helping with the costs of the event by becoming a Rescue or vendor sponsor.  

This year we are offering an event T-shirt with all of the sponsors names on it.

To learn more about Leo's and all they do for the rescue community please click on their logo.  

Vendors please contact us first before paying for your spot.  We limit spaces to one from each franchise.

There will be kissing. 

Welcome back Ms. Bonnie and her kissing Booth 

hosted by 

North East Boston Terrier Rescue 

Thank you for being a sponsor of this event

Rescue groups with pets for adoption.  

There will be a "Reading with Pets Corner"

a must for those with young children

hosted by

Caring Hearts Pet Therapy

Thank you for being a sponsor of this event

Speakers who understand the puppy mill problem

There will be Lure Coursing

for any dog large or small that likes to run

hosted by

Barkby Plungers

Thank you for being a sponsor of this event.

A Day to enjoy with your family and pets.

There will be blessings 

individual and group


Reverend Sabrina Kreps

There will be food

There will be

 crafts projects 

for the kids.