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Adopt A Pet, Inc thanks Lynn Johnson of Lucy Cares for all her help.

We could not have done this without you.

As a 501c3 we are tax deductible and you will know you are supporting a great cause. Education is the only thing that will help the puppy mill issue. Unless people make the connection between that cute pet shop puppy or that on line puppy and the parents locked in the puppy mills A/K/A Commercial Kennels, we will never be able to stop the demand.

Please visit our amazing sponsor Last Chance for Animals. Chris DeRose and LCA has always been there for the mill dogs. They have been our sponsor and partner since 2004. Visit their website and support all they do for the animals

A heartfelt thank you to Bella's Mom for the generous donation to our event, the mill dogs truly thank you.

The John and Wendy Neu Foundation. 

Thank you to Jillian O'Brien Insurance and Nationwide for being a Silver Sponsor.

We are honored to be partnering with F&M Unleashed

We are very excited to have Laura Bolle' with us. Please click on the link below and to the left and see the amazing work she has done.

Remember to get your raffle tickets and win an original Laura Bolle' sketch of your pet or your child. 

A special thank you to Hot Dog Collars for their generous donation.

Click on the logo to go to their website and please support them as they support the rescue community.

Bent Creek Country Club       Thank you for the 4-some gift certificate for our silent auction

Alegra Loewenstein, Health Coach     7-day E-course turning Picky Kids into Healthy Eaters.

YOUR GUITAR SAGE Thank you for the generous donation of 2 lifetime memberships to unstoppagle guitar system

Thank you to Amelia Rose Designs, Inc for their generous donation to our silent auction

Petsafe Philanthropy   Thank you for the toys and collars for our goodie bags

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