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See below a map of the 2017 Registered Kennels. Keep in mind most puppy mills in PA are not legal but operating without licensing and inspection.

Please when you are in Lancaster, think of the mill dogs not what the tourist bureau wants you to think about. Those quaint farms hide terrible secrets never meant for anyone to see.

Click on the link above for a list of the licensed Kennels in PA. Keep in mind that if they do not have 26 dogs they are not listed. Also keep in mind that if the puppy miller has a family member claim the dogs in a certain building as long as there are not over 26 they are considered not a licensed kennel. So you can have many buildings on the same property stuffed full of breeding stock and still not be considered a kennel.

Please check out the areas you drive by and send a silent prayer for the dogs in the mills waiting for someone to help them.

Please share our website with those who think Lancaster and the surrounding areas are nice places to visit. Please ask them to spend their money elsewhere.

The one thing everyone can do to help the mill dogs is never buy a puppy in a pet store or on line. Its that simple. If they can't sell the pups they will stop breeding and hopefully some of the mill dogs will be released to rescue.

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