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Who We Are

In 2016 we wrote:

Adopt A Pet, Inc. has been at the forefront of the fight against puppy mills for many years. In 2004 we were the Not for Profit group that sponsored the very first event in Pa as well as hosting the event for many years thereafter. Although we have continued to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home many puppy mill dogs, we have not held an event in Lancaster for many years. At the urging of many of our rescue friends we have decided to come back and hold "Puppy Mill Awareness Day, PA. With the help of our rescue partners and many committed advocates we expect to have an amazing event. Both 2016 and 2017 were amazing.

Join us on 9/16/18 as we go even bigger and better. Meet those who have been adopted and who have survived the mills and all of the amazing groups that make it happen.

Why Join Us?

The plight of the puppy mill dogs has an effect not only on animal advocates but the community as a whole. The consumer who purchases a sick puppy and the shelters who take in the pets who are not wanted because they have behavior or medical issues. The rescue community is overwhelmed with the number of mill dogs that are dumped into the system once they are no longer useful. Help us to educate the public that they should 

NOT be purchasing a pet in a pet store, on line or anyplace that they cannot meet the parents. You need to know that the parents as well as the pups have been truly raised in a home setting. Do not be fooled into thinking you are getting a pup from a reputable breeder just because of the cute pictures on a website. Buyer beware.

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